Football Not Just A Game

Football Not Just A Game

What is name called?
Football a game called,
To a known arena called stadium,
Played eleven to eleven side to side each,
In aims of a two goal post net,
In aims of a trophy,
In a color Jersey of its kinds
Side to side balls picking sons round,
Spectators sat rounding pitch watching,
Centered with a nominated referee officiating,
Lined with a two lines men flagged,
Pronounced by named commentators,
Red and yellow cards rules in question,
Supported with sorts of supporters,
Host the nations, Host the world,
At a moment of a country designated!
At a moment of a country authorized!
Called for all practitioners…
Photographers, Press, Medias,
Adverts, Sponsors, critics, etc.

What is a name called?
Football! football!! football!!!
A round leather circled!
Circled in its color of its choice,
Football a game called,
With boots of its kinds worn,
Saddled a whole lot supporters,
Saddled a whole lot analysts,
Presumption for a nation’s glory,
Preemptive individuals’ desirably for survival,
Football a game called,
Called to the passionate in spirit.
Football a game called,
Embrace understanding to unnamed,
Embrace love to unloved,
Embrace unity to diversities,
Embrace creativity to UN-creativity,
Football a game called,
Adore a nature,
Football a game called,
Called to a glorious home,
Football a game called,
A round leather circled!
With boots of its played,
With jersey of its kinds,
With choices of many kinds
Football a game called.

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