Crowded Bus – Prerna Gang

I was going by bus to the next land,
There was no place to stand,
The trip was for 2-3 hours,
I could see towns and towers,
People, were smoking, people were joking,
Out they were peeping,
And some were sleeping,
We were also singing songs,
Of films and of God.

It was morning time,
We were all fit and fine,
Having fun,
But there comes the sun,
In the heat we were bad,
And slept, all like mad,
When it went we awake,
And reached a beautiful lake,
It was the place where we had to stay
We all went to our rooms and just lay
We all ordered for the food,
And all were in good mood,
It was an unforgettable journey,
Without much wastage of money.

Crowded Bus

∼ Prerna Gang

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