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Basant – Yudh

Kite FlyingShe’s up and away
I’m holdin’ her down,
Stringin’ her back,
But she’s up and away

Her streamers wave to the rest of the pack
While she’s up and away
Electric poles, been tryin’ to shock and awe,
But my girl, she’s up and away

It’s dusk, the Lahore skies are red,
I’m gliding roof to roof, she’s soaring sky to sky
We’re up and away

She’s jostlin’ for space,
With all the other kites,
The muezzin’s call, the birds heading home
I can’t give in now

We live for today, we die the same way,
Year after year, year after year.
The string tears my flesh, draws out a tear
That’s fine, as long as your kite is mine!
We’re up and away, yeah,
We’re up and away.

∼ Yudh

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