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A Friend Lost

Friendship Poem about Losing a Friend: A Friend Lost

The tide was up and sea roared
The waves crashed beside the cliff.
Hopes were high and my spirits roared,
Just a look and I was stiff.

Oh! what I see, just disheveled hair,
There in water afloat.
With bated breath I saw weather fair,
I called a passing boat.

While on the oar I took my seat,
And cared our way across the bend,
While we rowed and talked my heart beat
I lost a bosom friend.

Kith and kin, shed many a tear,
As his body was placed on pyre.
He never spoke but I heard him clear,
A man once born is sure to die.

A Friend Lost

While the pyre lit though, I held on strong!
A single tear did wet my cheek
To believe my friend was gone,
For ever I could never seek.

Salil Dhawan [Kundan Vidya Mandir – Ludhiana, Punjab]

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