Maa Kushmanda



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Goddess Worshiped on the fourth day of Navratri. The name Kushmanda consists of three words. ‘Ku’ means ‘a little’, ‘Usma’ means ‘energy’ and ‘Anda’ means ‘the cosmic egg or universe.’ She is also known as Ashtabhuja. Goddess Shakti is very happy in this incarnation and it is believed that the eternal darkness ended when she smiled. And this led to the beginning of creation.

'Jagran' is the holy act performed by followers of Hindu religion, where people stay awake for a whole night offering prayers to god. This prayers can be offered to any Hindu god. In the northern India the prayers offered are mostly for 'Maa Durga' where in southern India its 'Lord Shiva' or 'Lord Vishnu'. The Jagran usually ends with a final prayer at the dawn following the night. In many places the people / devotees fast during the day before doing the Jagran.


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