Flying kites on Independence Day!


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Kite flying in India is the major cultural event, that is mainly associated with the 15th August, when the country celebrates the Independence Day. Flying kite symbolizes freedom. Kite Flying is the evidence that the spirit of the Independence Day is alive in the heart of the Indians.

Kite flying established itself as the regular sports in India during the regime of the Mughals. Some of the prominent kite enthusiasts of that period were Mughal Shah Alam, Nawab Asif -ud-Daula, Ansari, Khwaja Mitthan, Mir Vilayat Ali, Lamdur, Illahi Baksh, Mir Amdo and Sheikh Imdad. Their patangs were especially decorated by the gold and silver fringes, and in case they were cut down by the fun loving rival, whoever brought them back were rewarded with Rs 5. Legends has it that there was a julaha (weaver) who had gained immense respect as a fabulous kite flyer. Than the name of Lamdur and Mir Amdo is mentioned in particular, as they has achieved distinction in this art.

Due to the inexpensiveness, it gained popularity among the people in no time. The simple kites can easily be brought for Rs 2 and Majha (reel) for Rs 20. The art of kite flying is also known as 'Patang Ladana'. Kites are made in advance before the day. The dor with which the patang is manoeuvred is coated with the layers of the finely ground glass mixed with a paste of rice and gum. After that it is dried and rolled onto the reels or 'firkees'.


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