Rajasthani Dress


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The costumes represent the culture of any region. The costumes of Rajasthan shows a wonderful cultural legacy of weather-proof designing, and also exhibit the colorful exuberance of its animated people. The Rajasthan costumes are loose and flowing; comfortable and conservative. They prevent the sunburns that result from the direct exposure to the harsh sun-rays. The textile used for these cloths is mainly soft cotton. It provides comfort during the scorching summer months. The winters in Rajasthan are extremely cold. Hence, the men and women cover themselves with the woolen shawls, cloaks and scarves to protect them from the low temperature. Overall, in Rajasthan, people like to adorn themselves in brightly colored cloths, perhaps to compensate for the dry barrenness of the environment in general.

The sari and the Ghaghra Choli are the most common women's costumes in Rajasthan. The sarees are made from cotton or silk, and are full of embroidery. The colored stones, silken threads and tinsels are used to develop the charming floral patterns and traditional themes, and to promote the rich look of the sari. Depending upon the economic condition of the family, the zari work or embroidery is done by using the silver or golden threads, and the semi-precious gems or colored stones. Tie & dye Bandhani and the block printed textiles are commonly preferred.

The traditional men's costumes in Rajasthan comprises of as the upper garment, dhoti or pajamas as lower garments, and a majestic turban, which lends gravity to the personality. The Pagri is the most popular and commonly used headgear among menfolk of Rajasthan. Achkans and kurtas also comprise Rajasthan's traditional male attire. Sometimes in the winter, dhabla or a shawl is being worn.


Costumes of Rajasthan, Woolen Shawls, Cloaks and Scarves, Ghaghra Choli, Charming Floral Patterns, Dhoti, Pyjamas, Majestic Turban, Maharana Pratap, Rajput