Shivji Bhagwan


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: Mahashivratri (Worship and Festivals)


Constituting the trinity of Hindu Gods, Shivji performs the function of the destroyer so that new life is created once again. Shaivism is one of the most popular hindu cults with millions of devotees following this sect. Through penance and ascetic practice the followers of Shiva try and observe the principals of Shiva. Lord Shiva is actually a god of contradictions by being a destroyer as well as a restorer, an ascetic as well as a householder. The ultimate truth and virtues inherent in Lord Shiva is Satyam Shivam Sundaram - truth, goodness and beauty.

The dissolving force in life, Shiva stands out as the most different of hindu gods. Unlike other Hindu gods, Shiva wears a snake around his neck has unkempt maze like hair, is devoid of any jewels, wears just a loincloth and resides in the cold Mount Kailash. Lord Shiva in fact is the principal god of the ascetics and hence resembles them a lot. Lord Shiva's unclad body covered with ashes reflects the transcendental aspect of his life.


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