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People is a plurality of human beings or other beings possessing enough qualities constituting personhood. 4to40: People Stock Photos are mix of sort - like Street Life Photos, Group of People, Rallies, Professionals, Labour class, Close up photos, local citizens etc. Being a wide subject, effort has been made to cover people from all the nations (i.e. Albums). [See gray box below images.]


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Choudhary and Sons Shop, Chaibasa
Choudhary and Sons Shop, Chaibasa

Jharkhand - Jharkhand


Raj with his friend
Raj with his friend

Jharkhand - Chaibasa


Albums in People: Assam, Astrology, Bangalore, Beggar, Children, Commonwealth Games, Cricket, Dance, Delhi, Dussehra, Fathers Day, Fireworks, Freedom Fighter, Gandhi Jayanti, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, India, Japan, Jharkhand, Labour Day, Local Business, Love, Maharashtra, Male, Manipur, Mexico, Military, Mother, Mumbai, Nepal, Netherlands, Objects, Orissa, Pakistan, Personal, Photographer, Politician, Postage Stamps, Presidents & Prime Ministers, Punjab, Qatar, Rajasthan, Rally, Sadhus & Saints, Sikh, Social Activist, Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu, Teachers Day, United Kingdom, USA, Uttar Pradesh, Vishwakarma Day, Wedding, Weird, West Bengal



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