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Stretch Marks

Woman Stretch MarksYou are planning to have a baby. But you are worried that you will get marks on your stomach.

Well, stretch marks are something that may be unavoidable. Nearly every pregnant woman gets them. Actually the number of marks you will have depends entirely on the pliability of the skin on your stomach.

The skin has elastic fibres underneath which get stretched as your baby grows. And if they are stretched beyond a point, they get ruptured and appear as thin silvery streaks.

These marks appear all of a sudden on the abdomen or breast. Women who are over weight are more likely to get them. The discolouration continues throughout pregnancy leaving silvery thin lines that never disappear entirely.

What To Do

  • Avoid putting on weight too rapidly.
  • Eat sensibly.
  • Apply vitamin E oil on your stomach right from the very beginning of pregnancy. It might help.
  • Don’t scratch your tummy when it itches as it could increase the number of marks.

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