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Older Baby’s Bedtime Routine

Older Babys Bedtime Routine Baby love routine and rituals, from six month your baby will settle more happily if whole process of going to sleep takes place in exactly the same way every evening. Try to impose the normal routine (even if you’re away from home) as your baby will not be quite ready to sleep in strange surroundings. Baby will easily get upset by change in daily life.

Choose a time that fits in well with your own routine, and the one to which you can stick to. The bedtime for baby should not be too late, but it should be late enough that you’re both home (if you and your partner are working). Any time between 6pm and 8pm would be suitable.

Set The Bedtime Routine

Start the routine in the same way every evening: a bath is ideal as it is both fun and relaxing. If the baby doen’t like being bathed, you can play some gentle game together for twety minutes this will help the baby to relax and enjoy time with you.

Older Babys Bedtime RoutineIf the baby still has a bedtime feed, give it in his/her room so that the baby understands to be friendly and famililar with the place.

Put the baby in cot with his/her favourite soft toy.

This is the last half an hour or so, You and you’re partner both should be involved. This time should always be same, and as enjoyable as possible for your baby. So that the baby can understand that this is the end of the day.

You can read a story with your baby to relax him/her and help the baby to wind down. Don’t just give up if you think that the baby is not paying attention as the baby will be tired and won’t respond to the pictures with usual enthusiasm, but that doesn’t mean the baby isn’t listening.

when asleep tuck the baby with his/her favourite soft toy. Turn on the night lamp and don’t leave the room abruptly, spend some time in the baby’s room before you go.

Is It Good To Take Baby Into Bed With You

If your baby still takes bedtime feed, then it is easier to feed in your bed, provided neither you nor your husband is drunk. Put the baby in the middle so that there is no risk of falling down. As the baby get’s older it is up to you to decide whether you should give the baby a separate bed, as you all will sleep better in your own beds. Sleeping with you will become the baby’s habit, which may be later hard to break.

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