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How To Be A Good Parent

How To Be A Good Parent

Showing your love and affection — Most parents are quick in showing their anger or displeasure to their children when they make a mistake, but very few show their affection, when it’s time to express their feelings. All you have to do is say a ‘Love you’ or give your little one a hug to how him/her that you care.

Learn to listen to your child — A good parent will always listen to his child. It doesn’t mean you have to leave aside everything and listen to every little thing your child says. But set aside a time every day, free from all distraction, where your child talks and you listen.

Setting rules — There will be times where you will have to be the bad one and say no to your child’s demands. Children need to be disciplined as per rules (which you will have to set) so that they know that you expect a certain kind of behavior form them. All this will help them in their adult life.

Giving positive reinforcement — If you are in the habit of reprimanding and criticizing your children when they are wrong, then you must also reward them, when they are right. Celebrating their little triumphs by simple words like ‘good job’ or ‘well done’ will give them motivation and encouragement.

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