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Honour Your Promises To Your Child

PromisesIn today’s competitive, fast-paced world it often happens that you have to juggle a demanding career with a family which demands equal attention. It commonly happens that parents come home late, exhausted from work only to find their child waiting patiently for them to take him out for dinner or a movie. It is then that the painful reality dawns that a promise made in the excitement of the moment has been unwittingly broken.

  • Remember that your child’s world revolves around you. And when you make a promise your child expects you to fulfill it at all cost.

  • Honour your promises to your children just like you do to anyone else. Promises made to children should be taken seriously because the children take it seriously.

  • If the child asks for something which you feel is unreasonable or difficult to fulfill under the present circumstances then avoid making a promise.

  • All parents are fond of indulging their children. But you need to be rational too and make a promise only if it is possible to honour it.

Never let forgetfulness cast its shadow on promises. When you forget your promise to your child, it breaks the child’s heart and his trust in you.

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