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Food During the Second Year

Baby Food Second YearNow the baby’s growth is not as fast as in the first year, so the food requirements too do not increase much and are almost the same as in the first year, i.e., about 1000 calories.

The baby can now try a variety of foods like sweets, ice-cream, nuts, roasted gram, popcorn, wafers and household snacks. Be sure not give these just before a meal. The baby now loves to eat in company and he should have his own plate and eat along with others whenever possible. Avoid food from outside as far as possible. Do not give the baby water outside the home unless your are sure it is safe.

Just as no two healthy adults eat the same amount, babies also differ widely in their food requirements. As long as the baby is happy and is growing, you should not worry.

Many mothers complain that their baby does not eat a morsel and yet he runs and plays and does not sit still for a minute. Obviously he or she is getting enough energy from the diet and you should not worry. He may be eating more in between meals than at meals. This will sort itself out eventually and you should not force the issue.

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