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Father’s Role In Child Development

Father RoleWhatever role the mother may play in her child’s life, the child’s needs for his father is separate and distinct. For him, the father and mother together make up his whole world, built with love, security and care.

  • For a father, it is important to be involved with the child even before it is born. The latest research says that babies can recognize and respond to voices even in the womb. Let your loving voice become as familiar to your baby as his mother’s heartbeat is.

  • Become close to your child. Bathe him, feed him, hug him. This non-verbal, physical communication can work wonders for a father-child relationship.

  • Listen to your child. Let him tell you all about his activities. He should feel free enough with you to express himself. Let him have the confidence that you are always willing to hear him, even if you spend a little less time with him than his mother does.

  • Be patient with your child. His little hands and feet can’t walk as fast as you. Your patient and understanding presence will fill him with a deep sense of security.

  • Take an interest in his school and related activities. Go to Parent-Teacher Meetings and interact with his teachers. Not only will your presence make him proud but your involvement will spark his own interest in his school.

  • Discipline your child when you need to. After all, you are the father figure of respect. But do not show unnecessary anger or aggression, neither with him nor with anyone else in his presence. This will make him fear you instead of respecting you.

  • To maintain a sense of continuity and security in your child’s life, never negate what his mother says in his presence. Any disagreements can always be sorted out in private.

As a father, be a person your child respects. Don’t blindly cross limits just to be his friend. What you need to be is a friendly father. Someone who is not judgmental but whose judgment he can trust. Someone who is not authoritative but whose authority he can rely on. Just be there for your child as a father.

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