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Demonstrate Your Love Physically To Your Child

Demonstrate Your Love Physically To Your ChildThat we, as parents, love our children is a simple and universal truth. We takes pains feed them, clothe them and educate them well. In fact, everyday, we give evidence of our love in millions of small and big ways. But the simplest and most effective way of demonstrating our love for our children is physically – through touch.

  • Even very small children who don’t know who to speak can still understand the universal language of touch. A newborn child can instinctively recognize his mother’s touch and stop crying. Children talk much more readily, confide much more in their parents if encourages by a loving touch.

  • Touch is the strongest way we have of expressing our emotions. By simply touching, we can express love, approval, comfort, security, support or any number of feelings.

  • Research shows that children who are freely hugged, kissed and cuddles by their parents are healthier, better adjusted and generally happier than the ones whose parents are less physically demonstrative.

  • Hugging and cuddling your children brings them closer to you and strengthens the parental bond. Their sense of belonging increases and their self-esteem also grows in direct proportion.

  • Between children and parents, touch can be a strong silent communication that is sometimes more effective than words. A 4 year old who has fallen and hurt herself will be comforted by a parent’s hug, and so will a 14 year old who has been hurt emotionally.

  • There are some situations that actively demand physical demonstration of emotions. A child who has done well in something will feel a hundred times happier if his parents patted him on the back and gave him a congratulatory hug than if they just told him that he has done well.

Sometimes words can cause mis-communication when a delicate situation arises between parents and growing children. But a hug can never be misunderstood. So if you love your children, don’t hesitate to demonstrate it physically.

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