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Children Look Their Parents As Role Models

Parents As Role ModelsLooking at the world today, we feel horrified and disheartened to see the kind of violent acts being committed by man against mankind. We strongly believe in the saying, “As you sow, so shall you reap”. It means that whatever we do today we shall have to answer for it tomorrow. We fail if we do not educate our children properly and give them valuable knowledge. We parents are held responsible if they do not follow the path of righteousness. The bond between the child and the parents is very strong. Children look up to their parents as role models. We have often observed that children try to imitate their parents. They have strong feelings that whatever their parents do is right and they should also follow the same. This is where the duty and responsibility of parents begin.

Parents can help boost the personality of a child. They are the architects who have a great impact on his/her overall development. They should realize that children have pure and fresh minds. Whatever goes into it remains there forever. So, use the child’s mind in a constructive way.

We should understand the child’s ability, give him/her appreciation. Scolding, beating & snubbing hurt children. A child should never be compared with his/her sibling, friend or any other child. He should rather be encouraged.

Further, parents should never instill the feelings of negativity in a child if he/she doesn’t get a good rank. Scolding a child for poor performance can have a bad result. As we know that communication brings revolution so we need to be humble, soft & polite while handling the children. Rather, we should tell the child that he/she can always do better. Parents should never burden their children to satisfy their expectations.

Some children bottle up their emotions and keep everything inside. It has a very bad effect on their health. Parents need to understand and respect their emotions. If ever a child is suffering from feelings of negativity, parents must talk to the child, take him into confidence. This attitude of parents will help the child immensely. Keep a regular check on your child’s activities. Frustration of the parents and tense atmosphere at home can affect a child’s heart and mind immensely. Parents should always try to maintain a healthy and tension-free atmosphere at home. With affectionate and sensible behaviour of parents we can transform our children into intelligent, smart, confident, noble, ambitious and above all responsible members of society.

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