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And Now It’s Fizzy Fruits!

Child Fizzy FruitsEver dreamt that you would wake up one morning to find your child eating fresh fruits and vegetables? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful surprise? Well, your dream is about to come true.

An American researcher’s discovery is about to add fizz to your kid’s fruit. In Britain, supermarkets are exploring the possibility of cashing in on a scientific breakthrough that will enable them to fill carbon dioxide in natural fruits. How does that help? It adds a fizz to a fruit’s flesh. Going by children’s love for fizzy drinks, supermarkets are confident that this latest discovery will encourage them to eat more fresh fruit. The fizz not only brings about the true flavour of the fruit but also makes it sweeter.

Most children are notorious for their refusal to eat fruits and green vegetables. Which is precisely why supermarkets think fizzy fruits carry with them the seeds of success.

The euphoria behind fizzy fruits isn’t just a lot of hot air. Tests conducted on consumers revealed that not only children but adults as well, had a very positive attitude when they discovered there was fizz in the fruits.

But a niggling question continues to bother parents. Will a fizzy fruit get children to start eating natural fruits, say, a crunchy apple without any add-ons? According to an article in The Times of India dated June 18, 2001, Dr Troy Cooper, an Open University psychologist specialising in food, has his doubts. He says the technique was effectively turning fruits into packaging for a fizzy drink.

So, while supermarkets can put fizz into fruits, which are tempting for children and may even make them eat more of those fruits, it’s unlikely to make kids eat ordinary fruits.

Still, it’s a step ahead for desperate parents looking for a way to balance out their kid’s diet. In the long run, though, this solution might just explode in our faces, like the bananas that the researchers tried to fizz-up.

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