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By which name do we know Theodor Jozef Konrad Korzeniowski?

The name under which the he wrote his many sea-faring novels was Joseph Conrad. He was born in the Ukraine in Russia on December 6, 1857. His boyhood was passed in Caracow in Poland. There he learned to speak and write French fluently and first began to take a great interest in the sea. At the age of 17 he …

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What is the Maastricht Discipline?

The term refers to conditions that all countries of the European Union had to adhere to while adopting the Euro as a common currency. To do so, the countries had to show that their economic condition was stable and their fiscal deficit did not exceed 3%. Initially, Poland and some other countries did not join because of their poor growth …

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Crystal Attenborough

Crystal Attenborough — The Northern Territory’s leading athlete, Crystal re-emerged for the 2005-06 Australian domestic season and has since established herself as one of the nation’s leading female sprinters. Australian Championships 100m: 2005 (U23) – 1st, 2006 – 2nd, 2007 – 3rd (2nd Australian), 2008 – 7th (5th Australian), 2009 – 6th 200m: 2005 – 4th, (1st U23), 2006 – …

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler BORN: April 20,1889, in Braunau am Inn, Austria 1919: Helps form the Nazi Party in war-weakened Germany 1923 : leads an abortive putsch in Munich beer hall 1924: Starts writing Mein Kampf in prison 1933: Becomes dictator of Germany, prepares the nation for war and a “Final Solution” to the “Jewish problem” 1939: Invades Poland and starts World …

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