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Makhi - House Fly
Amazing facts about the House Fly
Ludhiana > India

Sketching Using Iron Nails
Amazing sketches by Marcus Levine
Social Science
London > United Kingdom

Aadhbut Yeh Sansar Hamara
Amazing facts & General Knowledge
Social Science
New Delhi > India

Vishwa Ka Sabse Dheema Janwar Hai - Sloth
World laziest animal - Sloth
Animals > Sloth

Hajabba sells oranges to set up village school
Oh! My God
Social Science
Mangalore > India

Why is infrared radiation used as signals during war?
Ordinary visible light is scattered by haze but infrared (IR) radiation can penetrate through the haze without being scattered...
Science & Mathematics

Biggest Land Animal
Oh! My God

Surface of Planet Jupiter
Oh! My God
Science & Mathematics

Strongest Magnet in the Universe
Oh! My God
Science & Mathematics

Comet Hale-Bopp
Oh! My God
Science & Mathematics



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