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Valentine's Day: Tomatoes thrown on couples by Bajrang Dal men
Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Friday threw rotten tomatoes at couples celebrating Valentine’s Day on the banks of Sabarmati river...
Weird > Rocky Relationships
Ahmedabad > India

Court Asks Man to Spend Equal Time with Wife and Live-in Partner
A Lok Adalat held in Khandwa has brokered a unique agreement among a man, his wife and his live-in partner...
Weird > Rocky Relationships
Khandwa > India

High Court sends actor Rajpal Yadav to jail
Delhi High Court today sent Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav to 10 days in jail...
Weird > Rocky Relationships
New Delhi > India

Girl child married at 4, divorced at 8
Shravasti accounts for maximum underage weddings...
Weird > Rocky Relationships
Shravasti > India

8-year-old boy not allowed to play video games, ends life
Committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope from the window...
Weird > Rocky Relationships
Patna > India

Om Puri goes missing, faces arrest as wife accuses him of domestic violence
Actor Om Puri faces arrest as the Mumbai police has been
Weird > Rocky Relationships
Mumbai > India

NGO puts up Navjot Singh Sidhu 'missing' posters in Amritsar
NGO in Amritsar has put up 'missing' posters promising a reward of Rs 2 lakh for anybody who would bring the parliamentarian to the city...
Weird > Rocky Relationships
Amritsar > India

Engineering lesson 1: Boys should not speak to girls
Janani got a job in a software firm last year through campus placement...
Weird > Rocky Relationships
Chennai > India

At this wedding, families exchanged blows over bride's jewellery
High drama prevailed at a marriage function in Virudhunagar area of Tamil Nadu after the bridegroom's family allegedly objected to the bride wearing 'gilt' ornaments...
Weird > Rocky Relationships
Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu > India

Bride finds groom 'too dark', refuses to marry
Fearing strong reactions from the bridegroom's relatives and friends, local villagers called the police...
Weird > Rocky Relationships
Fursatganj, Uttar Pradesh > India



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