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What a Love story! Boyfriend in debt, Girl kidnaps cousin
A 20-year-old girl, Payal Bhalchandani allegedly kidnapped her 6-year-old cousin, Aditya to pay the debt of her boyfriend, Nishant Shetty...
Weird > Strange Crime
Ahmedabad > India

Meet Liang Yuxin, the Chinese Vomit Machine
Steve-O of Jackass fame has met his match in swallowing and throwing up objects that most definitely should not be swallowed and thrown up...
Weird > Heartwarmers
Beijing > China

Gran, 102, goes back to junior school
A 102-year-old grandmother has become the world's oldest primary pupil after going back to school in China...
World Record > Oldest
Shandong > China

All I want for Christmas is ...
Watch your loved one's face light up this Christmas by giving them - a ring embedded with your teeth...
Melbourne > Australia



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