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Teen Sells Kidney for iPhone and iPad
Chinese teen took things to the extreme when he sold his kidney to be able to get an iPhone and an iPad...
Weird > Bad taste
Anhui > China

Scientists check out egg-laying rooster
Chinese scientists are investigating a bizarre case in which a cockerel apparently started laying eggs after all the hens were eaten...
Weird > Animal Tales
Mengcheng County > China

Deformed Pig in China Walks Using Only Its Front Legs
Never underestimate the little ones. That was one man's unofficial credo (well, presumably) when he taught a little deformed piglet, born with only its front legs, to walk...
Weird > Animal Tales
Mengcheng > China

Dog loves to walk on two legs
A poodle has become something of a local celebrity in China - because he prefers to walk upright on his hind legs...
Weird > Animal Tales
Jilin > China

Chinese train breaks speed record
China on Friday claimed that one of its high-speed trains broke the world record for unmodified commercial use during trial service...
World Record > Highest
Beijing > China

2010 Asian Games: Sales of Games products to top $450m
Sales of licensed products from the Guangzhou Asian Games are expected to top 3 billion yuan ($450 million), with most of the franchise producers and vendors making a profit...
Asian Games > Hockey
Guangzhou > China

Fisherman baffled by mystery catch
A fisherman in China was surprised to catch a mystery creature which looked like a cross between a dinosaur and a turtle...
Weird > Animal Tales
Anhui > China

China to witness longest annular solar eclipse in 1,000 years
The annular eclipse of the sun, which is predicted to be the longest in duration for the next 1,000 years, would cross China and be visible in some areas...
World Record > Longest
Yunnan > China

Man Pulls Minivan With His Eyes & Ears
Stuntman Xie Zhongcai in Hefei in China’s eastern Anhui Province has another idea that fits the job. Just tie the car to your ear and head off...
Hefei > China



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