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A film on angry birds now!
Angry Birds announced that it would have its own feature film...
Entertainment > Bollywood
New York > USA

Angry Birds maker hits number 1 with new game
Amazing Alex reached the Number One position in the iPhone Paid App chart in eight hours...
Gizmos & Gadgets > Cell Phone
New Delhi > India

India Has More People with Cell Phones Than with Proper Sanitation
In a country known for its abject poverty, you'd think that access to proper sanitation and bathroom facilities would be a priority, but you'd be wrong...
Gizmos & Gadgets > Cell Phone

Angry Brides game targets dowry demands
A new online game in India called Angry Brides is attracting hundred of thousands of fans on Facebook...
Weird > Bad taste
New Delhi > India

Angry Birds Mobile App Featured At Theme Park in China
Inspired primarily by a sketch of stylized wingless birds, Angry Birds is a very popular puzzle video game...
Weird > Funny Odd
Changsha > China



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