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Japan's New Campaign: Let's Love the Toilet
Perhaps most enduring is the country's love for robots in all of their cyber manifestations...
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Tokyo > Japan

The PALRO Humanoid: A Laptop with Arms and Legs
Japan's never-ending obsession with robots has reared it metallic head once again. This time, the creation is from the Fujisoft Company, and the name of the new small-scale humanoid is PALRO...
Science > Technology
Tokyo > Japan

Cat Ears Are Essential for Emotional Expression
Neurowear has finally been successful in developing a new product that combines two of the most internationally recognized features of Japan into one special design: robots and anime...
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Tokyo > Japan

Kibot: KT Corporation's Babysitting Robot
A Korean telecom company, KT Corporation, has invented a robot named Kibot that can read, sing and speak to children in several languages...
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Seongnam > Korea

As real as it gets: Robots develop own lingo to chat
Scientists have created a pair of robots which can communicate locations to each other by generating their own language...
Science > Technology
Washington > USA

World's first robot marathon
The world's first marathon for robots is underway in Japan where five androids are racing around a track...
Science > Technology
Osaka > Japan

Robots Teach English in South Korea
In a pilot project designed to bolster the burgeoning robot industry, 21 elementary schools in the southeastern city of Daegu have 'hired' twenty-nine robots to teach English...
Science > Technology
Daegu > Korea

Japan's Cbyerdine Robot Suit: Hope For the Disabled
Japan's obsession with robots and the cold hand of technology have reached out to the disabled, offering hope and help in the form of a robot exoskeleton robotic suit...
Science > Technology
Tsukuba > Japan

Robot Waitresses Serve Food in China
The Dalu Robot Restaurant, in Jinan, northern China's Shandong Province, has a very special wait staff indeed...
Science > Technology
Jinan > China

Britain's first robot walks again
One of Britain's first humanoid robots has been resurrected after being found in a garage where it had been stored for the last 45 years...
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Saffron Walden > United Kingdom



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