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Japanese Youth Start Eyeball-Licking Fetish; Infections Follow
The eyeball craze, which involves people licking each other's eyes, is seen as the next step after French kissing.
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Tokyo > Japan

Kazuki Yamamoto Awes with 3-D Coffee Art
Famous Japanese coffee artist Kazuki Yamamoto has again impressed people with his art...
Weird > Funny Odd
Tokyo > Japan

World's oldest living man residing in Chhattisga​rh - India
A man from Chhattisgarh's Korba district has claimed he is 117 years old...
Weird > Funny Odd
Korba district, Chhattisgarh > India

Morphed photo shows Barack Obama watching Narendra Modi speech
Even Obama listens (to) the speech of NaMo...
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Washington D.C. > USA

1,400 kg Butter Idol of Goddess in Himachal
Large numbers of devotees are thronging the Brajeshwari Devi temple...
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Nagarkot, Kangra > India

Man Building Loo to Save His Marriage
A Man in India is building a toilet to save his eight-year marriage...
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Suspended Mumbai varsity professor takes class on pavement
Mumbai University professor Neeraj Hatekar, suspended by the university for allegedly misleading press...
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Mumbai > India

Leonardo DiCaprio hears weird noises in his house
He is sure it isn't haunted because he doesn't believe in ghosts...
Weird > Funny Odd
Los Angeles > USA

Minister given Milk Bath after Ink attack
NCP workers bathed Maharashtra Labour Minister and party leader Hasan Mushrif in milk to purify him from an ink attack by a fellow worker...
Weird > Funny Odd
Kolhapur > India

Driver turns Doctor in Indian hospital
A driver employed with a government hospital in Fatehpur district was seen assisting a doctor performing a major surgery...
Weird > Funny Odd
Lucknow > India



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