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Dr. Norman Gary - An apiculturist covered in bees
Guinness world record holder in the category 'most bees in mouth'
Weird > Animal Tales
Citrus Heights, California > USA

Gran spends savings on facelifts for dogs
An Australian grandmother is using her life savings to pay for facelifts for roly poly designer dogs...
Weird > Animal Tales
Melbourne > Australia

Two-headed calf shocks owner
A Chinese grandmother collapsed with shock when her cow gave birth to a two-headed calf...
Weird > Animal Tales
Hebei > China

Big Splash: The World's Most Expensive Dog
Surely one wealthy man in China who prefers to remain anonymous has pushed the envelope considerably with his recent purchase of an eleven-month-old red...
Weird > Animal Tales
Qingdao > China

Leopard thinks he's a meerkat
A safari guide thought he was seeing things when he spotted a leopard acting like a meerkat...
Weird > Animal Tales
Savuti Camp > Botswana

Cat gives birth to dog
A pet cat has found fame in Yangshan, eastern China's Jiangsu Province, after giving birth to a puppy...
Weird > Animal Tales
Yangshan > China

Britain's most expensive dog wedding
Britains most extravagant dog owner has splashed out an incredible 20,000 on giving her pampered pooch the perfect wedding day...
Weird > Animal Tales
Essex > United Kingdom

Chinese Dog Lover Adopts 140+ Strays
Owning one or two dogs can be a real nightmare chockablock with destroyed electronic products, scratched-up furniture, and poop galore...
Weird > Animal Tales
Wuhan > China

Tsunami dog reunited with owner
A dog rescued more than a mile off the coast of Japan three weeks after the quake and tsunami has been reunited with her owner...
Weird > Animal Tales
Kesennuma > Japan

Goat can walk on its forelegs
A goat born without hind legs in China has become a local celebrity after learning to walk on his forelegs...
Weird > Animal Tales
Liaoning > China



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