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Greens hop along to catch Goa's frog poachers
Indian Bullfrog and the Jerdon's Bullfrog are now listed on the Schedule-I List of threatened species...
Weird > Animal Tales
Goa > India

Wild jumbos storm Mysore
Two wild elephants stunned early morning joggers in Mysore as they stormed into the city in the wee hours...
Weird > Animal Tales
Mysore > India

Bags Of Cobras Cause Panic on Vietnamese Train
The incident occurred when the train stopped in the city of Quang Ngai, on the route from Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam to the capital, Hanoi, in the north.
Weird > Animal Tales
Quang Ngai > Vietnam

Ultrasound scan for pregnant dolphin
A dolphin has had her pregnancy confirmed after she underwent an ultrasound scan at a US zoo...
Weird > Animal Tales
Brookfield > USA

The world's worst hunting dog?
A bungling beagle has been branded the world's worst hunting dog after failing to spot a fox trotting along behind him...
Weird > Animal Tales
Montreal > Canada

Dr. Norman Gary - An apiculturist covered in bees
Guinness world record holder in the category 'most bees in mouth'
Weird > Animal Tales
Citrus Heights, California > USA

Gran spends savings on facelifts for dogs
An Australian grandmother is using her life savings to pay for facelifts for roly poly designer dogs...
Weird > Animal Tales
Melbourne > Australia

Two-headed calf shocks owner
A Chinese grandmother collapsed with shock when her cow gave birth to a two-headed calf...
Weird > Animal Tales
Hebei > China

Big Splash: The World's Most Expensive Dog
Surely one wealthy man in China who prefers to remain anonymous has pushed the envelope considerably with his recent purchase of an eleven-month-old red...
Weird > Animal Tales
Qingdao > China

Leopard thinks he's a meerkat
A safari guide thought he was seeing things when he spotted a leopard acting like a meerkat...
Weird > Animal Tales
Savuti Camp > Botswana



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