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This thief's average monthly income pegged at Rs 3.6 Lakh
When Irfan Shaikh, 35, started narrating his adventures, officials at Ellisbridge police station were wide-eyed...
Weird > Strange Crime
Ahmedabad > India

Yoga Bear
Meet the female brown bear who performs a 15-minute yoga routine every morning...
Weird > Animal Tales
Ahtari > Finland

Fish with 'human teeth' bit angler
An angler had a shock in the US-when a mystery fish bit him back with distinctly human-looking teeth...
Weird > Animal Tales
South Carolina > USA

Age of fun: 50 is the new 25
Believe it or not, the average 50-year-old is having more fun than those half their age...
Weird > Funny Odd
London > United Kingdom

Limbless swimmer beats odds, crosses English Channel
A Frenchman whose arms and legs were amputated swam across the English Channel this weekend using leg prostheses that have flippers attached...
Weird > Heartwarmers
Paris > France

61-yr-old woman falls from train into sea, survives
A sixty-one-year-old woman from Haryana, who was travelling from Rameswaram to Chennai...
Weird > Funny Odd
Rameswaram > India

Woman delivers a 'tweet child'
Inayat is just three days old and already has a Twitter account. Her early debut comes as no surprise as she was born to a couple here...
Weird > Funny Odd
Jalandhar > India

Pregnant nun advert banned
An ice cream advert showing a heavily-pregnant nun has been banned for
Weird > Bad taste
London > United Kingdom

Woman hid stillborn babies for 20 years
A British woman has admitted in court that she hid the bodies of her three stillborn babies in her wardrobe for more than 20 years...
Weird > Strange Crime
Liverpool > United Kingdom

Lawyer smoked Koran and Bible
An Australian lawyer provoked controversy by posting online a video of himself smoking roll-ups made with pages torn from the Koran and the Bible...
Weird > Bad taste
Queensland > Australia



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