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Fish-headed man caught on camera!
A backpacker has revealed an amazing photograph apparently capturing a snorkeller with the head of a fish...
Weird > Heartwarmers
Los Angeles > USA

Chinese Man Builds Egg-shaped Bamboo Home
The young man works for an architectural design company and the inspiration for the design of his rather unusual abode came from the company's display of a mobile, egg-shaped cabin called egg of the city...
Weird > Funny Odd
Beijing > China

Lizard With two Heads: No, You Are Not Seeing Double!
Mother Nature has a rather sadistic sense of humor that sometimes rears its bizarre head, or in this case, heads...
Weird > Animal Tales
Guangxi > China

Guangzhou Man Wears Garbage In Style
The poor are everywhere and hardly an invisible force in our modern world, wherever we may call home...
Weird > Funny Odd
Guangzhou > China

Prisoner's Shackles So Tight That Flesh Grows Over Them
For Zhang Chuanqiu, an unfortunate 27-year-old prisoner in China, his jail sentence over a loan dispute has proved to be a lot worse than anyone ever bargained...
Weird > Bad taste
Beijing > China

Cool shades help keep the peace
Farmers in China have been issuing their cockerels with cool John Lennon-style sunglasses to keep the peace...
Weird > Animal Tales
Chengdu > China

Fancy dress bid to save the panda
Conservationists are dressing up in fluffy panda costumes to help prepare captive-born cubs to live in the wild...
Weird > Animal Tales
Beijing > China

Japan's Vending Machine Recommends Drinks to Customers
In today's world, vending machines overwhelm the Japanese consumer, and everything from diapers to live crabs can be had with the drop of some coins in a slot...
Weird > Funny Odd
Tokyo > Japan

AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Names Australian Shepherd Best in Show
This dog is a force to be, well, reckoned with. CH Propwash Reckon, a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd known affectionately as 'Reckon,' beat out nearly 2,500 canine competitors for the coveted title of Best in Show...
Weird > Animal Tales
Long Beach > USA

Great gran's a kung fu master at 82
An 82-year-old great grandmother has amazed fitness fans in China with her astonishing feats of kung fu...
Weird > Heartwarmers
Beijing > China



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