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Great gran's a kung fu master at 82
An 82-year-old great grandmother has amazed fitness fans in China with her astonishing feats of kung fu...
Weird > Heartwarmers
Beijing > China

A finger in the name of Nitish Kumar!
This single act may go down as the height of caste frenzy in the politically-sensitive state of Bihar...
Weird > Funny Odd
Patna > India

The Owl Quick Change Artist
The Southern White-Faced Scops Owl is the quick-change artist of the bird kingdom. It hails from South Africa and is also known as the Transformer Owl...
Weird > Animal Tales
Tokyo > Japan

Japan's Mysterious Traveling Snake Lady
Traveling throughout Japan is an unnamed 'snake lady' who charges 800 yen (9.5 USD) for a performance like you've never seen before...
Weird > Animal Tales
Tokyo > Japan

Chihuahua Joins Japanese Disaster Rescue Squad
Seven-year-old Momo (or Peach) is not just any Chihuahua. She is a dog with credentials who has just been appointed by a Japanese police department...
Weird > Animal Tales
Tokyo > Japan

Santa faces littering rap
Council officials are threatening to prosecute a secret Santa for leaving Christmas gifts for children in a park...
Weird > Strange Crime
Llanelli > United Kingdom

Battery-Operated Robot Completes 310 Mile Trip
On September 23, electronics-maker Panasonic launched a miniature, battery-powered robot from Tokyo to Kyoto...
Weird > Funny Odd
Tokyo > Japan

Campbell pipped to bad sex award
Rowan Somerville has beaten Alastair Campbell to win the Literary Review's Bad Sex in Fiction award...
Weird > Bad taste
London > United Kingdom

Stunt pilot's amazing escape
A stunt pilot had a dramatic escape when the wing of his plane sheared off midway through an airshow display...
Weird > Heartwarmers
Santa Fe > Argentina

Get That Monkey Off My Back!
Meet Miwa, a Japanese macaque, and Uri-bo, a baby boar, two best friends who reside together at the Fukuchiyama City Zoo in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan...
Weird > Animal Tales
Kyoto > Japan



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