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Britain's oldest fridge still going strong
Britain's oldest fridge is showing no signs of freezing up anytime soon - after 58 years of continuous use...
Weird > Heartwarmers
Oxford > United Kingdom

Buddhist Monks Make 500 Mile Journey on Their Knees
Housemaid’s knee, a condition caused by too much time scrubbing floors, is the very least two Buddhist monks can expect from their up and coming trek of 500 miles...
Weird > Heartwarmers
Shanghai > China

Talaq joke on Skype ends marriage
Talaq is no joke. An e-savvy Qatar resident learnt this the hard way when he typed talaq thrice while chatting with his wife on Skype...
Weird > Quirky Gaffes
Lucknow > India

Woman slices girl's tongue to attain wealth
A woman in Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh allegedly sliced off the tongue of her neighbour’s four-month-old daughter...
Weird > Strange Crime
Lucknow > India

Mum has children on 10.10.10, 09.09.09 and 08.08.08
A US woman beat odds of 50 million to one when her baby was born on 10.10.10 - her third child to be born on such a special date...
Weird > Funny Odd
Rockford > USA

Hindus upset over Playboy's usage of yoga as erotica
Hindus are upset over what they say as the misuse of age old and revered system of yoga by Playboy for mercantile greed...
Weird > Funny Odd
Nevada > USA

China: The Land Where Fake Brands Reign Supreme
China has dubbed itself as
Weird > Funny Odd
Nanjing > China

Bigfoot Roam The Forests of China
More than 400 sightings of an elusive, ape-like creature covered with red, gray or black hair...
Weird > Animal Tales
Shennongjia Nature Reserve > China

Chinese King of Stamps Sells For £300,000
An auction house in Hong Kong recently sold a rare Chinese stamp, known as the “Small One Dollar” for nearly £300,000 ($US 411, 960)...
Weird > Funny Odd
Hong Kong > China

Insurance cover for Ravan and Company
The effigies of Ravan, Kumbhakaran and Meghnad have been covered under the Public Liability (non-industrial) Policy...
Weird > Funny Odd
Udaipur > India



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