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Our news for kids is interesting, relevant, sometimes quirky, always well-informed and about real people and happenings in a real world. News for kids delves deep into the ‘how’ & ‘why’ of news, giving children (and adults) a wider understanding of the events happening around them.

  1. Zomato Forcing Us to Deliver Beef, Pork [12/08/2019]
  2. Will Smith takes part in Ganga aarti at Haridwar [08/04/2019]
  3. World’s Richest Pets Includes A Chicken Worth $15 Million [06/11/2018]
  4. Bill Gates’ Post On Thailand’s ‘Condom King’: Must Read [28/10/2018]
  5. Crows Trained To Pick Up Litter At Theme Park [12/08/2018]
  6. Like Shravan – Palwal Brothers Carry Parents On Kanwar
  7. Alert! Non-Veg Lovers of India
  8. Saudi Arabia first cinema in over 35 years opens
  9. 58 Army Jawan On Single Motorcycle create World Record
  10. International Anti-Corruption Day – 9 December: 40% respondent never attended ABAC training
  11. Charles Bronson and his ‘tough guy’ film career
  12. Bollywood makes $2 bn – but loses $2.7 bn to piracy
  13. Muhammad Ali dead at 74
  14. Annie Sinha Roy – India’s only woman tunnel engineer
  15. Pakistan Celebrities finding comfort in Bollywood
  16. Get Nano for Rs. 299, Porsche 911 for Rs. 29,999 on rent
  17. World Culture Festival – Art of Living Foundation: Day 1
  18. Coming Up – Jaspal Bhatti Humour Festival
  19. ‘The Revenant’ Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win breaks Twitter record
  20. Urdu poet and Bollywood lyricist Muqtida Hasan Nida Fazli Dead
  21. Telangana bans Chinese manja to save birds
  22. Banning Jallikattu would kill Indian breed
  23. Bollywood actress Sadhana passed away
  24. Crows are smart enough to use tools!
  25. Dilip Kumar honoured with Padma Vibhushan
  26. International bird festival at Agra
  27. Indian Sikh pilgrims arrive in Pakistan to celebrate Guru Nanak Dev jayanti
  28. Uttar Pradesh likely to ban use of polyethene
  29. Over a million migrants return to Bihar for Chhath
  30. India No. 1 in censoring Facebook content
  31. Indoor air is 10 times more polluted than the outdoor air – In Delhi no place is safe
  32. Leonardo DiCaprio visited Taj Mahal
  33. Yamuna may be less polluted this Durga Puja
  34. Musician Ravindra Jain dead
  35. Apeejay Bangla Sahitya Utsob – Bengali literary festival in Kolkata
  36. Hrithik Roshan to teach ‘World’s Largest Lesson’
  37. Bahubali Ganesha Idols in demand this Ganesh Chaturthi
  38. ‘Haha’ is the new way to say laughing – ‘Lol’ is dead
  39. Educationist Dr. Harish Dhillon dead
  40. Facebook is more popular than Twitter in US online usage
  41. Facebook accounts for more of traffic to news sites than Google
  42. Magsaysay Award for whistleblower Sanjeev Chaturvedi & activist Anshu Gupta
  43. डॉ. ए पी जे अब्दुल कलाम नहीं रहे
  44. Roshni Mukherjee – Opened online school on YouTube & have 72,000 Students
  45. आप खा रहे हैं प्लास्टिक चावल – धन्यवाद चीन
  46. Islamic centre members break fast at Dubai gurdwara
  47. Women live longer, men healthier
  48. 25 of Anand Kumar’s Super 30 institute crack IIT-JEE
  49. निजामुद्दीन – मुस्लमान हैं और एक योग इंस्ट्रक्टर
  50. Rock Garden creator Nek Chand dead
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