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What If Everyone Went Vegan? Watch Video

What If Everyone Went Vegan? Watch Video

To meat, or not to meat: that is the hotly debated question. How would life on Earth change if we stopped eating all things animal?

A vegan diet is one that excludes all meat, fish, poultry and other animal products such as eggs, dairy, honey etc. A lot of people choose to go vegan for health, environmental and ethical reasons. But what would happen if everyone in the world went vegan? Can you imagine the consequences of a world without juicy steaks and cheesy pizzas?

A video by Insh imagines a world where everyone adopts a vegan diet and what it would lead to. According to them, in 2018, there were 20 million vegans in the US alone – 6 times more than there were in 2015. This means a 600 percent increase in American vegans in the last three years. However, that hasn’t in any way affected the meat industry – every hour in the United States, about 5-lakh animals are killed for their meat.

This brings us to an important question: What would happen to the livestock if everyone gave up meat? According to Insh, billions of animals would be slaughtered or abandoned.

However, veganism would also affect the environment positively.

“Estimates on greenhouse gas emissions attributable to animal products range from 18% to 51% of total global emissions. Much of that results from the environmental impact of meat production,” explains Insh. “If we all went vegan, we’d use most of the pastureland for restoring forests and grasslands to help reduce carbon dioxide in the air. We’d start growing more crops to fill the gaps in our food supply. Livestock-related gas emissions would drop by 70%.”

What else would happen if the world went vegan? How would it affect human beings? Watch the video above to find out.

Would you adopt a vegan diet? Let us know using the comments section below.

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