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Wanted To Rob Jewellery Store. Watch What Happened Next

Wanted To Rob Jewellery Store. Watch What Happened Next

He was outwitted by the store owner

It just wasn’t his day. A bungling thief in Thailand tried to rob a gold chain from a jewellery store, but was cleverly outwitted by the owner. The hilarious video of the incident is now going viral on social media, and making everyone laugh out loud.

According to local reports, the incident took place on November 30 at about 6 pm. CCTV footage shared extensively on social media shows the not-so-smooth criminal walk into a jewellery store in Chonburi, Thailand.

The man – a 27-year-old named Suphachai Panthong – tried to pull off a heist by pretending to try on a gold necklace, and then making a dash for the door while wearing it. Unfortunately for him, the store owner, Jarae Nitikarun, had already become suspicious. To prevent Mr Panthong from escaping, he had locked the door remotely.

Bungling thief tries to flee gold shop only to be foiled by locked door

Viral footage shows Mr Panthong trying to open the door, accepting defeat, sheepishly handing the necklace back and waiting for the police to arrive.

According to Says.com, Mr Panthong is now in police custody and could face jail time.

This isn’t the only time a criminal has been outwitted. In Malaysia last year, robbers left empty handed after failing to smash open a jewellery case.

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