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Vietnam Weird News: VietJet hot air hostesses dress in bikinis

Vietnam Weird News: VietJet hot air hostesses dress in bikinis

Can you believe there exists an airline that has bikini-clad air-hostesses? Yes, Vietnam’s only privately owned airline, VietJet, has air hostesses wearing sexy bikinis on-board the inaugural flight to any beach destination.

The Vietnamese carrier has broken all stereotypical ideas of promoting an airline by making its air-hostesses dress up in red and yellow bikinis (official colours of the carrier) and pose for a new promotional advertisement campaign. In a video that has gone viral, the young flight attendants are seen welcoming passengers as the VietJet flight takes off for a beach destination.

VietJet airhostesses pose in bikinis

VietJet has achieved tremendous success and has grown exponentially in terms of revenue generation in a span of five years because of its unique marketing ideas. Since wearing bikinis on the flight is a very rare sight, the passengers on board VietJet Air can’t get enough of it. Not only did the airline ask its stewardesses to wear bikinis on an inaugural flight, but also printed calendars featuring them in bright and sexy two piece swimsuits.

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, CEO of VietJet Air has emerged as Southeast Asia’s first women billionaire because of her off the track and gimmick advertising and marketing ideas. She made it to 46th position in Forbes’ list of World’s Billionaires. The reason for her success is the innovative idea of getting her flight attendants dressed in dazzling bikinis during flight operation. Also, for Thao, bikini-clad air hostesses are a symbol of women empowerment.

Red and yellow is the official colour of VietJet Air and pictures of these hot air hostesses clad in red and yellow colour bikinis will simply leave you awestruck.

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