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Student Doing Homework On Roof Of Moving Taxi

Student Doing Homework On Roof Of Moving Taxi

It’s unclear what exactly prompted the schoolgirl to go to such extremes.

Who among us hasn’t left our homework to the last possible second? Most of the time, we’d be scrambling to finish up an assignment at the breakfast table or perhaps even during a free period at school. One student in China, though, went to extreme lengths to finish her homework. She was filmed doing her homework on top of a moving taxi. Her father was in the driver’s seat.

Mobile phone footage filmed by an eyewitness and posted on YouTube by CGTN shows the girl precariously perched out of the moving vehicle’s window, using its roof as a desk. She appears to be writing in a notebook as vehicles zoom past on the busy road.

It’s unclear what exactly prompted the girl to go to such extremes.

Shanghaiist reports the girl’s father was busy chatting with a friend seated in the passenger seat. He immediately pulled over and reprimanded his daughter when he realised she was sitting on the edge of the rear window. “I was careless then and didn’t notice it,” the taxi driver, identified as Mr Cheng said. “After that, I asked my daughter not to do it again.”

The man’s driving licence was suspended and his company says he won’t be allowed to drive taxis anymore, reports China’s The Paper.

The bizarre incident took place last week in Shangqiu, a city in Central China’s Henan province.

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