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She Refused To Go To School, So Dad Tied Her Onto Bike

She Refused To Go To School, So Dad Tied Her Onto Bike

Most children go through days when they just don’t want to go to school. Parents can try cajoling them, bribing them with the promise of toys and even get angry at them, but sometimes, the child refuses to budge. So what does a parent do then to ensure the child makes it to school? Well, definitely not what this dad in China did.

A video circulating on Chinese social media shows a girl tied onto the back of a motorcycle. According to Shanghaiist, the father did this to ensure that his daughter, reluctant to go to school, made it to class. The girl was seen crying on the back of the bike, her body tied down and her legs dangling near the back wheel.

The video, recorded in Yunfu, China’s Guangdong province, has left netizens shocked.

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According to reports, police managed to track the man but left him with a warning that he shouldn’t repeat this.

Just days ago, another shocking video involving a child stirred up the wrath of netizens. It captured the moment a pregnant woman deliberately tripped a four-year-old in order to “teach him a lesson”.

According to local media reports, the boy – who suffers from a heart defect – was diagnosed with a mild concussion after the fall and had to be hospitalized for two days.

The woman’s act was heavily criticized on social media. She later apologized to the child’s parents.

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