Karnataka Farmer Singing Justin Bieber's 'Baby'

Karnataka Farmer Singing Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’

“By God’s grace, I can change my tone and pitch to suit the track and the singer,” says Pradeep.

Grooving to the songs of Michael Jackson and singing the peppy numbers of Justin Bieber, a farmer in Hindasagatti village of Karnataka cannot contain his fondness for western music.

Spade in his hand, wearing a lungi and a shirt, Pradeep has got all the iconic MJ moves right and all the Justin Bieber lyrics are etched in his memory.

His exceptional singing and dancing are not the only eye-catchers here – it is also the fact that the man, despite having little knowledge of English and failing the subject in school, can sing English songs.

Meet the Karnataka Farmer Who Won Hearts Singing Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’

Pradeep was always very fond of English songs from these icons, easily singing their songs and getting the accent clear. He shot to fame recently when a video of him singing Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ went viral online, winning hearts.

“I had developed a great fondness for western music and English language, because of which I started listening to it more and more,” Pradeep told media.

As a student, Pradeep would do cricket commentary, which came in handy with his singing as it helped him change his tone and pitch accordingly.

Pradeep added, “By God’s grace, I can change my tone and pitch to suit the track and the singer.”

The young man’s talent has earned him immense social media and the moniker of Pradeep Jackie among his friends.

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