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Bengaluru Techie Rides Horse To Work On Last Day To Protest Traffic

Bengaluru Techie Rides Horse To Work On Last Day To Protest Traffic

What a way to make your last working day memorable

Most people try to make their last day of work memorable, but this Bengaluru techie has managed to make his last working day go viral. Social media is flooded with pictures of a software engineer riding a horse to work, dressed in formals with a laptop bag slung around his shoulder. Pictures show the techie sitting on a white horse with a placard that reads “Last Working Day As A Software Engineer” – and they’re now circulating all over Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

According to media, software engineer Roopesh Kumar Verma was tired of Bengaluru’s traffic and chose the horse as a means to protest the issue.

“I have been staying in Bengaluru for the past eight years and I am fed up of the bottlenecks and air pollution,” he told News18. “Bengaluru is overcrowded and too many vehicles on the road lead to traffic jams every day.”

His unusual choice of commute, however, was not welcomed by some. The engineer told Deccan Herald that security guards at his workplace stopped him at the entrance but he argued that the horse was his mode of transport.

Photos and videos of the protest have gone viral because it’s not every day that you see an engineer riding a horse to work. But Mr Verma says he did not expect his pictures to receive so much attention.

“I did not know this would go this viral. This was my last working day and this was my way of taking my frustration out on traffic jams. There are traffic jams for which sometimes we have to wait as long as 30-40 minutes on the same spot. There will be multiple solutions and we should use the huge IT resources we have”, he told The News Minute.

As for his job, he’s now reportedly looking to set up his own start-up.

“Saving on fuel… good job”, says one Twitter user. “Frustration reached all highs”, says another.

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