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Ajay Rathore

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Jaipur > Rajasthan > India



: Indian Classical Dance » Kathak


: 124/152, Aggarwal Farm, Mansarover


: Jaipur, Rajasthan  [India]




Rajasthan, Jaipur best male Kathak dancer Ajay Rathore born on 28 march 1982. he has done master in Kathak dance. Nipun (M.A.) in Kathak from Bhatkhande , Lucknow. Nipun (M.A.) from Rajasthan Sangeet Sansthan, Jaipur. diploma from Kathak kendra Jaipur. ajay belong to musical & dancers family. He has performed numerous dance shows in india such as Kathak samaroh , Virasat Utsav, Jaipur Samaroh , national kathak festival organized by Jawahar kala kendra , Pratibha utsav,organized by N.C.Z.C.C.R. allahbad. ajay has performed all big classical festival in india . he has performed & took workshop in EUROP.

• empaneled artist under I.W.C.F.
Received scholarship award by ministry of tourism cultural department government of india.
• Scholarship awarded by Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy, Jodhpur.
• Received scholarship by Jaipur Kathak Kendra in 1996&1998
• "Yuva Ratn" awarded by Rajasthan Rang Manch, Jaipur.

International Level

• Solo presentation of kathak in prestigious Mussee Guimet, Paris, France.
• Lecture, demonstration and workshop in Les Oriental Festival, St. Florent, France.
• Performed in center mandala , Toulouse, France
• Performed & workshop in international Romanian festival, Luxembourg, FRANCE.
• kathak presentation in maison de l'inde , PARIS
• Took kathak dance workshop in Toulouse FRANCE.
• Performed in big festival "24 Hour Raga" in cite de la mussee, Paris.

National Level

• Performed in “natioanal Kathak Festival" organized by Jawahar kala kendra, Jaipur.
• Presentation in “kathak Mahotsav 2008" organized by kathak kendra, New Delhi.
• Performed in “PRATIBHA UTSAV" organized by N.C.Z.C.C.R. Allahbad.

State Leval

• Performed in “TARUN KALAKAR SAMAROH 1995" organized by shruti mandal.
• Dance performed in “jaipur Samaroh “1996, 1998, 2000,2002,2005,2008.
• Given dance performance in “Kahkanshan 1996" organized by Rajasthan Yunani medical college cultural society.
• Given dance performance in “international Science Conference" organized by Rajasthan University.
• Performed in "Kathak Samaroh 1998" organized by Jawahar kala kendra.
• Participated in "VANDEMATRAM"organized by jawahar kala kendra.
• Performed in "YUVRANG 1999" organized by Akaashvani Jaipur.
• Given dance performance in "GERMAN CONFERENCE 1999" organized by Indo German society.
• Dance performance in “KARGIL DIVAS 2000" by J.K.K.
• Dance performance on the closing ceremony of Kathak dance workshop 2000 at "Maharaj Sawai Man Sing Musium” organized by city palace.
• Performed on the "Birthday Ceremony Of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh" organized by city palace.jaipur.
• Performed in “Sangeet & Samman Samaroh" organized by press club and Sabrang Sanstha.
• Given dance performance in "Shree Haridas Avirbhave Samaroh" in Mathura, Vrindavan.
• Performed in "National Kathak Festival 2003" organized by j.k.k.
• Performed in “Virasat Utsav".
• Given dance performance in “Grishm Utsav 2005" in mount Abu.
• Performed in “Maru Utsav 2006" in Jaisalmer.
• Performed in Rangayan, j.k.k. by "Bal Gandharv Sangeet Shodh Sanstha".

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