The See Saw (English Drama)

Bubbles Sabharwal

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: English Play



Start Date:

April 28, 2012

End Date:

April 28, 2012


Theater > Drama


Bubbles Sabharwal




Gurgaon Haryana India


Directed by: Bubbles Sabharwal; Tickets: Rs 350, 250, 150; This is a piece of contemporary writing. The story hinges on the parable of The Scorpion & The Toad. The world was coming to an end and the entire landmass was scorched since a massive volcano had erupted, and every creature had escaped into the ocean for safety.The last two creatures to run for safety were the scorpion and the toad. There are two parallel stories that are simultaneously enacted. Both are perched on a see-saw, often one is dominated and the other is dominating and the active-passive roles get reversed.

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