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Krishan vs Kanhaiya

Hindi Play, Timing: 8:45 pm [May 31, 2012 - May 31, 2012]

Umesh Shukla, Paresh Rawal


Mumbai > Maharashtra > India



: Hindi Play


: 8:45 pm onwards.

Start Date

: May 31, 2012

End Date

: May 31, 2012


: Theater


Umesh Shukla, Paresh Rawal


: Prabodhankar Thackrey Auditorium


: Mumbai, Maharashtra  [India]

Directed by: Umesh Shukla; Tickets: Rs. 500 to 2000; A hilariously entertaining and sensationally shocking Hindi play Krishan vs Kanhaiya. It is a story of an atheist who incurs huge losses when his antique shop is destroyed by an earthquake. The story revolves around the fight of the atheist with the Almighty. Along with the ever-versatile Paresh Rawal is his team of talented TV and stage artists including Dharmender Gohil, Sirdhar Vatsar, Vaibhav Biniwala, Khusboo Brhmbhatt, Chirag Vora, Ankit and others. This Hindi play is based on the super-hit comedy Gujarati play Kanji Virrudh Kanji.

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