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History of India: VIRitten

English Play, Timing: 7:00 pm [October 2, 2014 - October 2, 2014]

Vir Das, Kavi Shastri

Theater > Stand-up Comedy

Mumbai > Maharashtra > India



: English Play


: 7:00 pm onwards.

Start Date

: October 2, 2014

End Date

: October 2, 2014


: Theater > Stand-up Comedy


Vir Das, Kavi Shastri


: St. Andrews Auditorium, St Dominic Road, Bandra West


: Mumbai, Maharashtra  [India]

An Ashvin Gidwani Production (AGP) presents History of India - VIRitten (English - 01:45 hrs) Stand Up Comedy Directed by Vir Das.

After the roaring success of Walking on Broken Das, Ashvin Gidwani's new offering History of India promises to be the funniest, wittiest and sensational relook at Indias history.

Vir Das presents a comedic journey through the History of India with his inimitable homegrown humour. A little fact, a whole lot of fiction, a little satire, a lot of pride and a truly historical experience. Beginning at the cradle of civilization in Mohenjodaro and Harappa, where Indians were the first to invent city planning, sanitation and basic tools. We go from harappa to hadippa! Beginning at our vedas and our philosophies and ending at our weirdos and our anomalies. Taking you straight from the British raj right up to the raj and simrans.

Vir Das presents the funny elements that have been a part of our heritage. History depends totally on your historian. Who says your historian can't be as twisted as your history. Come see a show about the history of India. But a history so twisted, so funny, so out- of-the-box, so completely unbelievable, you won't be sure it even actually happened. It's not exactly like History is being ReWritten, its being VIRitten!

For more details, Call: (+91) 9870066649.

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