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Cut... Cut... Cut...

Hindi Play, Timing: 7:30 pm [January 25, 2014 - January 25, 2014]

Dr M Sayeed Alam, Niti Sayeed

Theater > Drama

New Delhi > Delhi > India



: Hindi Play


: 7:30 pm onwards.

Start Date

: January 25, 2014

End Date

: January 25, 2014


: Theater > Drama


Dr M Sayeed Alam, Niti Sayeed


: SHRI RAM CENTRE, 4 Safdar Hashmi Marg


: New Delhi, Delhi  [India]



Pierrot’s Troupe’s present, Saturday Night Comic Play, the performance of Cut..Cut..Cut... (Hindi Comedy: 1:45 hrs) Play.

Script and Direction by: Dr. M. Sayeed Alam On Stage performance by: Niti Sayeed.

Watch rehearsals, instead a play this time – a real and rare 'on stage' portrayal of 'back stage' drama, depicting funny characters; hilarious situations and comic relationships: 124th shows to its credit.

Tragedy for us... Comedy for you. Yes! Cut...Cut...Cut... comically deals with the chaos, catastrophes and calamities that strike Pierrot's Troupe whenever it rehearses for a play.

In the process, the play brings forth funny characters; hilarious situations; comic relationships and bizarre events, besides taking an amusing look into many more problems that a theatre group faces.

Hence, Cut... Cut... Cut... is one of those rare productions that make you laugh all the way in as well as at a play.
Event Duration: 1:30 hrs
Language: Hindi
Script & Direction: Dr. M. Sayeed Alam
Tickets: Rs. 500, 400, 300
Ticket-booking: 9810255291, 9810460366, 011 29944635
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Play Directed By Dr M Sayeed Alam, Hindi Comedy Play Cut Cut Cut, Pierrots Troupes Comedy Show