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Comedy Junction

Timing: 5:00 pm [June 28, 2008 - June 28, 2008]

Fareed Ahmed

Hindi Play

New Delhi > Delhi > India



: 5:00 pm onwards.

Start Date

: June 28, 2008

End Date

: June 28, 2008


: Hindi Play


Fareed Ahmed


: Alliance Francaise


: New Delhi, Delhi  [India]

It is known that laughing is a natural remedy of all sorts of diseases. Now a day's people spend days in busyness with full tensions & pressures of mental stress. Open hearted laugh helps as remedy to overcame of all these stress of mind, yes laugh may occur in any of following situation. 1. Suddenly a doctor treats his patients un-logical system. Dentist extract good tooth instead of painful tooth. 2. A lady make troubles to a bank manager to claim her money instead of demanding to right office, for this reason the lady compelled to fine to the Bank Manager. 3. A goon earns money by jumping in port water, who doesn't know swim properly & died. Anton Chekhov written a script with this type of story, which is hilarious also.

Tickets @ Rs. 300/-, 200/- 100/-, Available at the venue

Natsamrat, Mental Stress, Un-Logical System, Anton Chekhov, Alliance Francaise