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Ambedkar Aur Gandhi

Hindi Play, Timing: 7:00 pm [November 10, 2013 - November 10, 2013]

Arvind Gaur

Theater > Drama

New Delhi > Delhi > India



: Hindi Play


: 7:00 pm onwards.

Start Date

: November 10, 2013

End Date

: November 10, 2013


: Theater > Drama


Arvind Gaur


: Shri Ram Centre, 4, Safdar Hashmi Marg, Mandi House


: New Delhi, Delhi  [India]

Director: Arvind Gaur

The play brings to you the debate between Gandhi and Ambedkar. The play apart from concentrating on the interesting correspondence between Gandhi and Ambedkar which led to the Poona Pact; also portrays the benefits of Ambedkar and the fears that Gandhi maintained as regards to the removal of division between the savarna and the avarna Hindus.

Tickets: Rs. 200, 100.

Director Arvind Gaur, Play on Gandhi, Shri Ram Centre, Safdar Hashmi Marg, Mandi House