Sikander 2: 2019 Punjabi Student Politics Action Film

Sikander 2: 2019 Punjabi Student Politics Action

Movie Name: Sikander 2 Movie
Directed by: Manav Shah
Starring: Sawan Rupowali, Nikeet Dhillon, Kartar Cheema
Genre: DramaActionCrime
Release Date: 02 August, 2019
Running Time: 131 Minutes

Sikander 2 is the Punjabi sequel of 2013 release Sikander and features Kartar Cheema, Guri, Sawan Rupowali.

Sikander 2 Movie Trailer:

Sikander 2 Movie Review:

A narrative on student politics and action, this sequel does not disappoint

Cheers to loyalty, which the audience is all too eager to show to a film they liked even if it came six years back. Sikander 2 comes riding on the promise of part one that released (and was well-received) in 2013. This one won’t disappoint anyone, not even the fresh takers.

A sequel in the true blue sense and not just a franchise, Sikander 2 stars Kartar Cheema as what else but Sikander. And it’s literally 2.0.

This time an adopted member by a family in a remote village, he plays the conscientious farmer named Teji. Leading a quiet life, doing langar sewa at the local gurudwara, with no shades of grey, let alone black.

Only the past flashbacks and demons haven’t stopped nagging him yet. Till the past truly catches up and can’t be avoided when younger brother Balli (Punjabi singer Guri shows a spark in his debut) is inextricably embroiled into student politics, murder and what not. Sounds filmi? Because it truly is and in quiet a good way.

Thankfully, the film spares us the linear narrative, moves to and fro and with ample shots of the city that ring in nostalgia (or immediate recognition, depends). From Punjab University’s gate no 2, student hostels, Students Centre, Sector 22 market, Kharar apartments, there’s plenty to identify with.

Back to Sikander, where the film also takes us after a few pleasant songs, he once again rises from the ashes of Teji, who digs a pistol out (that he had buried long ago with his real name). Filmi again? Don’t worry, it is fun too, which the hooting in the packed hall also contributes to.

Now, the only but, quiet a big one, for a film that comes with the hashtags; student politics, crime, action, it slips a tad bit on the slick action moves, which are missing at least in the first three quarters of the movie. The missing action is instead made up for with its fast pace, especially before the interval and funny dialogues, generously dot the script.

Nothing forced, nothing slapstick and certainly situational. From the ragging scenes and songs to the powerful dialogue that Kartar Cheema delivers highlighting the real plight of poor farmers, the dialogue writer needs a pat on the back. So does the cast who has acted well, including the popular John Victor playing the Pandit, and as for Guri— well, welcome to Pollywood.

Sikander 2 Movie Songs:

Sikander: Karan Aujla (Title Track) Guri | Kartar Cheema

Rabb Wangu : Jass Manak (Official Song) Guri | Kartar Cheema

Bandook: Jass Manak | Guri | Kartar Cheema

Zorawar Jatt: Himmat Sandhu | Guri | Kartar Cheema

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