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Nadhoo Khan Movie: Punjabi Romantic Drama

Nadhoo Khan Movie: Punjabi Romantic Drama

Movie Name: Nadhoo Khan Movie
Directed by: Imran Sheikh
Starring: Harish Verma, Wamiqa Gabbi, Hobby Dhaliwal, Malkeet Rauni, Rupinder Rupi, Gurpreet Bhangu, Parkash Gadhu, B.N. Sharma, Mahabir Bhullar
Genre: Drama, Romance, History, Comedy
Release date: 26 April 2019
Running Time: 136 Minutes

Set in pre-independent India, Nadhoo Khan follows the story of Chanan, who aspires to become a wrestler despite his physical limitations. His grandfather agrees to coach him under one condition: that he stay away from women and focus solely on his training. Things take an interesting turn when Chanan falls for a girl, and is subsequently pitted against her brother in a wrestling competition.

Nadhoo Khan Movie Review:

It’s raining period drama in Punjabi films it seems. Nadhoo Khan is the third in row this month. This one is set in the pre-independent era of Punjab and revolves around an unsung hero of wrestling Nadhoo Khan.

Right from the beginning, the film pays a lot of attention to the aesthetical details of the bygone era. The mud houses, no electricity, earthen pots being used for cooking on chulla, brass utensils, plain clothes and open spaces. Everything is shown true to that time, as far as technicalities are concerned.

And being a Punjabi movie, not having a wedding sequence wasn’t a possibility. So, yes, there is also a traditional Punjabi wedding that becomes the meeting ground for the hero and heroine. Some of the age-old traditions of the erstwhile Punjab have been featured too and well. It maybe the trend of that time, just one meeting is enough to fall in love and that’s what happens between Harish Verma and Wamiqa Gabbi. They both look good together and share an innocent, adorable chemistry.

By this time, the story is more than half over. At the start of it, there is a brief, rudimentary mention of Harish Verma wanting to take up wrestling because of the stories he has heard as a child from his grandfather Hobby Dhaliwal. He even succeeds in convincing him and starts taking coaching until he meets Wamiqa and decides to marry her and quit wrestling.

Here comes the turning point. So far, there was comedy, romance, drama, family bonding, etc. Now, we reach the main theme of the film — Nadhoo Khan and his legacy. Unaware that his grandfather was one of the greatest wrestlers of his time and was considered the Nadhoo Khan, Harish Verma brings a whirlwind of emotions and melodrama when he tells his family about his disinterest in wrestling.

BN Sharma, who plays Harish’s father, narrates the story of how his father couldn’t continue wrestling and by saying no, Harish has let down the family and its only dream to see Nadhoo Khan in him. This is enough a reason for Harish to take back his words and go back to the battlefield.

Too much of a coincidence but it is his love interest’s brother he has to fight to bring back the glory of his family. Quite predictable, over dramatic — the later part thus loses its grip even when there is a message strong enough and a story emotional at its core. Blame it on his image of a comedian or not having seen him in serious roles, BN Sharma, even while crying, sounds as if he is laughing and his delivery is too pretentious. So, now whether the family rivalry between Hobby Dhaliwal and Mahabir Bhullar turns into friendship. Go watch the film for that.

Nadhoo Khan Movie Trailer:

Nadhoo Khan Movie Songs:

Multan (Official Video) Mannat Noor | Nadhoo Khan | Harish Verma | Wamiqa Gabbi

Gabru (Full Song) Ninja & Gurlez Akhtar | Nadhoo Khan

Dil Diya Gallan (Full Song) Hardeep Singh | Nadhoo Khan | Harish Verma | Wamiqa Gabbi

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