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Laiye Je Yaarian: 2019 Punjabi Romantic Drama

Laiye Je Yaarian: 2019 Punjabi Romantic Drama

Movie Name: Laiye Je Yaarian Movie
Directed by: Sukh Sanghera
Starring: Harish Verma, Roopi Gill, Rubina Bajwa, Amrinder Gill
Genre: DramaRomanceComedy
Release Date: 05 June, 2019
Running Time: 117 Minutes

Laiye Je Yaarian is a 2019 Indian-Punjabi romantic drama film written by Dheeraj Rattan and directed by Sukh Sanghera. Co-produced by Rhythm Boyz Entertainment and Papilio Media; it stars Harish Verma, Roopi Gill, Rubina Bajwa, and Amrinder Gill in prominent roles. The film chronicles the story of Raunak in transport business faced with a nemesis. In a desperate moment she hires Sukh to help her but ends up with a cheat who has no intention of working for her and has his own vested interest. Laiye Je Yaarian has Kamaljeet Neeru, Parkash Gadhu, and Sajjan Adeeb in supporting roles; It marked the feature film directorial debut for Sanghera and Adeeb.

Laiye Je Yaarian was announced in August 2018. Story and screenplay of the film are written by Dheeraj Rattan while dialouges are penned by him and Amberdeep Singh. Principal photography of the film took place in two schedules between March 2019 and May 2019 at Punjab and Canada. Sanghera being a Music Video director paid a particular attention on the film’s music. Dr Zeus, Snappy, Jatinder Shah, Intense, and Mix Singh composed the film’s soundtrack, which features vocals from Gill, Garry Sandhu, Sajjan Adeeb, Maninder Buttar, and Raj Ranjodh.

Laiye Je Yaarian was released in India on 5 June 2019 and overseas on 7 June 2019. The film opened to positive reviews from critics and audience alike, all the cast and production work was highly praised while some criticized editing, pace and Bajwa’s performance.

Laiye Je Yaarian: Movie Premise

Laiye Je Yaarian: Movie Premise

Raunak in transport business faced with a nemesis. In desperate moment she hires Sukh to help her but ends up with a cheat who has no intention of working for her and has his own vested interest. Jaanu becomes a collateral damage in the process and Sukh realises that he had the ability to do something in life and he had always underestimated himself. All of this for one man’s attempt to shut down Raunak transport. But a twist that no one saw coming. Garry holds his cards close to his heart in matters of emotions and business. But one often meets their destiny on the road one avoids to take in the beginning.

Laiye Je Yaarian: Movie Review

From the outset, what will impress you about this film throughout is its cinematography. Based in Canada, Laiye Je Yaarian is a visual treat with no compromise on the production. Surprisingly, it’s not aesthetics alone that are appealing; the acting of all the four leads is good. In places one may feel Rubina Bajwa is out of character but that can be ignored when considering the bigger picture.

So, a story about a young businesswoman Raunak (Roopi Gill), who wants to take revenge from a friend-turned-foe Garry Randhawa (Amrinder Gill), hires a charming MBA topper from India Sukhi (Harish Verma) in a bid to defeat her business rival. The premise may seem simple, but if you read the message in this plot, you are sure to predict a lot of twists and turns.

Coming back to the point, Sukhi is working as a manager in Raunak’s transport company. He is given the task to help the company win its 85 per cent shares back from Garry Randhwa. As part of the process, he is expected to meet Jaanu (Rubina Bajwa), a banker, who has to sanction a loan that will resurrect Raunak’s transport company. So far, we know there is a business rivalry and it is all shown quite well.

Essential here it is to disclose that Sukhi is not a topper but a failure who harboured the dream of living in Canada and forges the degree to get the job. This con man hoped to live off his friend and had no intentions of sticking to the job, so the fraud wasn’t much of a deal initially. Reality strikes when he finds out that his friend had been lying about a lavish life in Canada, therefore leaving Sukhi with no option but to be in the job.

Time for another turn comes, as Jaanu is aware about his poor performance in college. Meeting this bank manager is no less than risking his life but that’s the call of his life-saving job. With his smartness, he crosses this hurdle too. His connecting with Raunak and bonding with Jaanu now become the centre of the story. Every now and then, Garry shows up to show off his growing business and his expertise as a leader.

There is confusion about who really is whose love interest. At some points it seems there is love blossoming between Raunak and Sukhi. On other occasions, Jaanu and Sukhi come across as a couple. Whether Garry is Raunak’s love interest, there is confusion related to that as well. Love triangle or love square, that’s for the end.

With all its complications and confusions, the film mostly keeps you glued. Just, at times, you do wonder where it is all going. So many stories running parallel to each other is perhaps the film’s Achilles heel. One gets distracted and none of the story really gets justice as the slow-paced movie is suddenly rushed to a rather slack ending.

But watch this one for its ensemble cast’s commendable performance and the many twists and turns.

Movie Songs:

Laiye Je Yaarian’s soundtrack is composed by Dr Zeus, Snappy, Jatinder Shah, Intense and Mix Singh. Lyrics are penned by Harmanjeet, Bir Singh, Raj Ranjodh, Bling, Maninder Buttar, Rav Hanjra and Happy Parsowal while background score is composed by Intense.

Aah Ki Hoya | Raj Ranjodh | Laiye Je Yaarian

Darshan Mehnge | Amrinder Gill | Sajjan Adeeb

Mathi Mathi | Amrinder Gill | Dr Zeus | Bir Singh

Meri Aakad | Garry Sandhu

Dil Main Nahi Laona | Maninder Buttar

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