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Laatu Movie: Punjabi Drama Period Film

Laatu Movie: Punjabi Drama Period Film

Name: Laatu Movie
Directed by: Manav Shah
Starring: Gagan Kokri, Karamjit Anmol, Sardar Sohi, Rahul Jungral, Aditi Sharma, Ashish Duggal, Anita Devgan, Prince KJ, Harby Sangha
Genre: Romance, Drama, History
Release Date: 16 November, 2018
Running Timing:
112 minutes

This laatu does not light up

Laatu Movie Trailer:

Laatu Movie Review:

Herd mentality, even though you would have seen this characteristic of certain animals on Discovery Channel and in real life too, you will get a clear idea what it means if you watch the Punjabi movies post Angrej.

The success of Angrez has such a rub-on effect that every other film tries to recreate it. While doing so, some have managed to do well, others have tanked at the box office, but that has not deterred the makers from following the herd mentality.

This week’s release Laatu, with an original and interesting storyline, also ends up taking us back to the old Angrej (the film Angrej) – wala Punjab, courtesy the same set of actors, similar sets. Even though director Manav Shah has tried to present an original idea, given this plot his original touch, he couldn’t lift it up from the déjà vu feeling.

Undoubtedly, Laatu gives the audience an interesting idea to chew on; however, it ends up being just an idea that couldn’t change anyone’s life. Remember, an idea can change your life!

Even with a fresh idea in hand, Manav could not put any spark in it. The film drags its existence only to rise up with some interesting songs. The interval comes as a welcome relief.

Dialogues are well-written, but leave no impact. Since, we have so many Punjabi films trying to re-create Angrej or Bambukat that one fails to appreciate the art direction of Laatu.

While the film has a characteristic sluggishness, singer – actor Gagan Kokri has contributed a great deal to it. It is an art how an artiste, known for hit Punjabi songs, do not allow a single emotion on his face in the name of acting. All he has is a wide smile, irrespective of the situation. Not even once do you feel and see the protagonist’s passion, his pain, his enthusiasm. And this is true for senior actors Sardar Sohi and Ashish Duggal. Although they’ve justified their roles, one doesn’t feel the pride that they keep bragging about in the entire film. Actress Aditi Sharma, a talented actress, seems frozen in the Angrej aura. She has become the symbolic actress of all those films that have anything to do with old, rural Punjab, with traditional suits, chewing the corner of her dupatta. Someone needs to shake her up and she needs to re-think on her film selection criteria. Actor Rahul Jungral has done a good job, after all he is the only one whose actions in the film can be seen and felt.

The only interesting element of this film is Karamjit Anmol. It is because of him that you can see the Laatu shine sometimes. Harby Sangha, for a change, in his small role with grey shades makes for an interesting watch. Anita Devgan in a small role is a delight to watch.

Towards the end (with all the lethargy that has now been transferred on to you), hoping against hope, even with an abrupt and unsettling climax, you feel that this laatu will light up. But not all bulbs shine bright. Some, like a zero watt bulb, is symbolic of hope that there will be light one day, like one day we hope to come out of the herd mentality.

Laatu Movie Songs:

Karamjit Anmol – Jeth Mahina | Gagan Kokri, Aditi Sharma | Laatu | Jatinder Shah | Punjabi Song 2018

Karamjit Anmol – Jeth Mahina | Gagan Kokri, Aditi Sharma | Laatu | Jatinder Shah | Punjabi Song 2018

Nachhatar Gill – Laatu Title Track | Gagan Kokri, Aditi Sharma | Jatinder Shah | Punjabi Songs 2018

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