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Jack and Dil Movie: Bollywood Romantic Comedy Film

Jack and Dil: Bollywood Romantic Comedy Film

Movie Name: Jack and Dil Movie
Directed by: Sachin P. Karande
Starring: Amit Sadh, Arbaaz Khan, Sonal Chauhan, Evelyn Sharma
Release date: 02 November, 2018
Genre: ComedyFamily
Running Time: 98 Minutes

Jack and Dil is an upcoming Bollywood romantic comedy film, starring Amit Sadh, Sonal Chauhan, Arbaaz Khan and Evelyn Sharma in lead roles. The film is written by Sanjeev Dutta and directed by Sachin P Karande. The film is being produced by Balcony Films and Entertainment. The official trailer for the film was released on 10 October 2018.

JACK and DIL is a modern day story of new age man Jack, carefree with little materialistic ambitions, earning as much to meet his daily needs. Jack (Amit Sadh), a comical detective is hired by Waliaji (Arbaaz Khan) to spy on his wife Shilpa (Sonal Chauhan) when he suspects her of having an affair. Things go upside down when Jack ends up falling in love with his client’s wife.

JACK and DIL is a modern day story of new age man Jack, carefree with little materialistic ambitions, earning as much to meet his daily needs. Jack’s only passion is to read detective novels so he could write one of his own too. Problem starts when the penniless Jack falls in love with the idea of buying a dog. Rich businessman Mr. Walia (Arbaaz Khan) is keen to sell his dog but their meeting takes an altogether different turn. Jack turns a detective and his quest to own the dog lands him into chasing the Businessman’s wife Shilpa (Sonal Chauhan). The chase brings the two closer. But Jack’s deal is on the deadline to find out the mystery man in Shilpa’s life. Meanwhile Shilpa gets to know of Jack’s On – Off relationship with his model girlfriend Lara (Evelyn Sharma). Shilpa narrates her love story with Walia who is now totally focused on his business. Jack admits to his affair with Shilpa and the furious Walia refuses to believe it. Finally he realizes he has lost his totally neglected wife forever. Jack Challenges Walia to woo her back. A challenge that is really tough for Walia. Does Walia take up the challenge or goes back to his business. Does Shilpa take a divorce or wins Walia back? Does Jack get his dog and his girlfriend back?

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Jack and Dil Movie Review:

Without rhyme or reason

Jack and Dil confirms that we are in the midst of one of the greatest creative recessions in Hindi cinema. It is a time when one-line narrations are realised on the big screen with negligible articulation. In this film, when one character introduces himself as a “detective novel ka writer”, he’s probed further: “Murder mystery likhna chahte ho?” But inane dialogue and a pointless plot are not the only concerns here.

The film’s Jack (Amit Sadh) is a “happy-go-lucky” lad who can’t keep up with a job or a hobby and sleeps on a bunk bed. When this mould for a man-child is introduced to a pug in a TV commercial, he’s smitten and must have the canine at any cost. In this pursuit, he approaches a certain pug owner who wants to do away with his pet. This person is Walia (Arbaaz Khan) — a busy advertising executive whose commercials for pressure cookers feature skimpily-clad Caucasians because “koi cheez bikni hain toh usse bikini pehenni padhti hain” (and this is one of the better lines in the film). Since Jack can’t afford the asking price, Walia suggests he make up for it by snooping on his wife Shilpa (Sonal Chauhan) who, he suspects, is having an affair. This bizarre exchange of a pet for private detection services may be a promising premise, but the film barely builds on it. Detective and wife eventually break the ice and she confides in him about her failed marriage. For some reason, the only way to save this withered relationship is by running a marathon. Doesn’t make sense? Well, neither does the rest.

This one raises pertinent questions to evaluate the triggers in a deceased relationship such as — “Why does love die when the chase is over?” and offers conclusive pointers such as, “You should accept what life gives you”. But this sappy mess drags on till your last brain cell is terminated and can be screened for high-priority criminals to break them.

Why would Khan, a commercially proven producer and eminent laughter show judge, reduce himself to this mindless exercise is a mystery. The film pushes him against the wall, especially when his character attempts to convey his sentimental side — a translation so painful, audiences may require therapy for PTSD following this watch. If Sadh’s career was going in any definitive direction, this flop could’ve derailed it. But since it wasn’t, this addition to his filmography would barely make a dent. Chauhan lends a pretty frame and is cognizant of her best angles but is barely able to turn this film’s fate. Being the female lead in one with two male co-stars, one would imagine that her character would drive the proceedings. But this one barely offers Chauhan enough space to test her acting chops.

The soundtrack is an eclectic mix comprising an Atif Aslam-esque number to convey heart bleed, a zingy item song titled “Chuski Mein Choom” and a few other forgettable tracks that barely hit the spot.

Two critical observations that this film covers in dialogue include “women fall in love with idiots” and “men become idiots when they are in love”. Now, that’s something to chew on… and spit out instantly.

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