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Daana Paani Movie

2018 Punjabi Family Drama Film: Daana Paani Movie Review

Directed by: Tarnvir Singh Jagpal
Starring: Jimmy Sheirgill, Simi Chahal, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Nirmal Rishi
Release date: 04 May 2018
Genre: Family, Drama
Running Time: 105 Minutes

Daana Paani Movie Trailer:

Daana Paani Movie Review:

What happens when watching a film you get oblivious to the lead artistes, when the only thing that you take back home is the story, and some beautifully directed scenes? Well, then you definitely want to know the names of the story and scriptwriter and director one, and two, you want to applaud them.

Story writer Jass Grewal and director Tarnvir Jagpal, the men behind the sensitivity of the today’s film release Daana Paani, drive home the point that a good story supported with an equally strong direction can make a film worth a watch.

Director Tarnvir Jagpal, known for Rabb Da Radio, plays on his USP which is detailing to the core. Tarnvir brings in all the elements which justify the film’s time period. Even though the Army scene, which also shows us a ‘stiff’ Tarsem Jassar couldn’t be established, Tarnvir maintains the flow of Daana Paani. Interestingly this time, Tarnvir covers every emotional scene with a background song. Though it looks nice on screen, especially in a slow motion, Tarnvir takes away from the actors an important window to show there acting.

All the main emotional scenes in the film have been over-shadowed by the background score. Tarnvir could have let some scenes go by without music.

The film maintains a steady pace, but it is only after the interval that it begins to grip you. Daana Paani clearly belongs to Jass Grewal. A gripping story gives Daana Paani its shape and life. Here, it becomes almost necessary that Tarnvir has shot some scenes, especially the climax soulfully.

Jass Grewal has woven such a strong story that one becomes unmindful of which actor is playing what, the story surpasses everything else. This, however, does not undermine the presence and effort of the actors and other artistes. Only Jimmy Sheirgill could have played the role of Mehtab Singh and only Simi Chahal could have done justice to the character of Basant. The two actors do the rightful justice to their roles, in a film being lead by the story. One doesn’t mind watching Gupreet Ghuggi doing an ‘Ardaas’ in Daana Paani. Nirmal Rishi looks serene and beautiful, yes beautiful. Harby Sangha comes without wearing the comic cap, doing his best in the small role.

Daana Paani has some soulful tracks, which accentuate the crux of the story, though they are far too many.

Nak nath khasam hath kirat dhake de, jaha dane tahanh khane, nanaka sach he (In our noses is the nose-ring, the chain (from the nose-ring) is in the hand of the Master, our actions push and drive us forward. Wherever our grain is, that is where we have to eat, O Nanak, this is the truth), and this Daana Paani reaches where it has, to a beautiful end!

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