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Chan Tara Movie: Punjabi Comedy Drama Film

Chan Tara Movie: Punjabi Comedy Drama Film

Name: Chan Tara Movie
Directed by:
 Vineet Atwal
Starring: Nav Bajwa, Jashan Agnihotri, Arun Bakshi
Genre: ComedyDrama
Release date: 30 November, 2018
Running Time: 
124 Minutes

Chan Tara Movie Trailer:

Chan Tara Movie Review:

Amavas would have been an apt title!

Is your phone charged? Do you have someone with you, to give you a shoulder? Do you have insomnia? Do you have a strong heart? Any recent BP issue? Ah well, we are not sending you to any medical camp. This is a routine check to ensure that you can handle the shock that awaits you inside the auditorium playing this week’s Punjabi film release Chan Tara.

The film will numb your senses so much that you might need sometime to recover. A dull drab storyline, immature direction, and equally immature acting, any kid who knows how to handle the camera and has a flair for making films, or shooting videos could have done a better job.

The director needs a special mention for directing a film without a story, the cinematographer needs yet another special mention for shooting it without any composition or angle.

To begin with, the film starts with actor-singer Arun Bakshi’s immensely amateurish acting and dialogues. This is when you need to immediately feel your pulse, are you still there. The dialogues of the film are unbelievably poor quality. And to top it all, you have an actress, Jashan Agnihotri, who has a double role in the film. We should all dream. It is important to dream, even to shine on the silver screen, but like Farida Jalaal said in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (the Hindi one), “Sapney dekho, zarur dekho, bus unke purey honey ki sharat mat rakho”. Jashan are you there!

Actor Nav Bajwa, now what made the actor to sign a film like this will always be a mystery, unless of course you meet him personally and ask him the same.

As for actor Arun Bakshi, who is seen only in the first few 10-15 minutes of the film in the beginning, histrionics is an art we agree, but Chan Tara is a feature film. Are you there Arun ji! The music of the film can be ignored as it only makes the matter worst. In the end, if you have survived the double role, the sad direction, the poor screenplay, the childish dialogues, then before leaving the auditorium, give yourself a pat, you definitely deserve one and don’t forget to stop at the chemist store to check your blood pressure.

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